Automatic Tire Chains

Traction in All Kinds of Weather

Grippy traction in both snow and ice

In the Pacific Northwest, being prepared for any type of weather is a must for today’s fleet managers. Automatic tire chains provide instant traction for buses and vans when the road turns slippery. Western Bus Sales is proud to represent OnSpot Automatic Tire Chains, “The Original Since 1977.” We are one of the most experienced and knowledgeable OnSpot dealers on the West Coast.

So How Does It Work?
The system permanently fastens to the rear suspension of the vehicle. The driver can activate a dashboard switch that opens an electric over air solenoid mounted on the frame rail. Air pressure from the vehicle’s on board are brake system or an auxiliary air source flows to two air cylinders that lower two chainwheels down until they contact the tire sidewall. The friction between the tire and the chainwheel causes the chainwheel to rotate. Each chainwheel has 6 lengths of chain attached to it. The centrifugal force created causes the chains to flail out and pass between the tire and road surface to enhance traction in snow and ice in forward or reverse. The additional traction also reduces stopping distance in these same slippery conditions. When the switch is turned off, the solenoid exhausts the air in the cylinder and the spring in the cylinder returns the chains to the resting position.

What Are The Features & Benefits?

  • Permanent installation, vehicle is always prepared
  • OnSpot models to fit most vehicles from pickup trucks to tractor trailers
  • 12 volt air compressor kit available for vehicles without air brakes
  • Shift on the fly up to 25 mph, operating speed 2 mph to 35 mph
  • More hauling force
  • Faster acceleration
  • Reduces stopping distance
  • Traction in forward or reverse
  • Increases vehicle safety and productivity
  • Eliminates wheel well damage from broken conventional chains
  • Designed for ice, packed snow, and up to 6 inches of snow
  • Few parts with little maintenance
  • Replaceable chainplates
  • DOT approved in all 50 states
  • Approved for states without chain control areas

For more information, visit the OnSpot website. When you’re ready to learn about how OnSpot Automatic Tire Chains can enhance your fleet’s operation, contact the Service Department at Western Bus Sales at (800) 258-2473 or email them here.