Mobile WiFi

Passengers Can Stay Connected

SinglePoint's MAX wifi router

Today’s vehicle passengers have come to expect – and appreciate – the ability to stay connected while on the go. Fleets now have the ability to meet these passenger desires by offering mobile wifi in buses, trains, and motorcoaches and a reasonable cost.

Western Bus Sales partners with SinglePoint. Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, SinglePoint is North America’s leading distributor of products designed to keep people connected. Their suite of award-winning WiFi In Motion products acts as a bridge between vehicles and high-speed cellular data networks, delivering WiFi access and an Ethernet-based local area network (LAN) for connecting on-board systems.

SinglePoint offers two products to meet your needs:

Max K-12

Max Transit K-12

For more detailed information on the SinglePoint WiFi in Motion products, browse their website. Then, contact Western Bus Sales today for more information on this exciting and innovative product.

For all your mobile wifi needs, contact Nate Borth at (800) 258-2473 or email him here.