Video Surveillance Systems

Technology to Keep Passengers and Drivers Safe

Seon's solutions cover all of your technology needs

Digital video surveillance systems have become a near-necessity in both the school and transit bus marketplace. Video systems have long provided fleets with both driver and passenger protection, capturing incidents of bullying, vandalism, or other incidents that occur on the bus. In addition, multiple camera angles can capture the loading zone in the front of the bus, out the windshield, or even stop arm cameras to catch drivers who don’t stop for the red warning lights. Video system technology is continually updated, offering larger storage capacity, higher quality resolution, low light video capture, GPS tracking, wireless downloading, and more. Western Bus Sales is your video system specialist, offering decades of experience in installation and maintenance.

Western Bus Sales partners with Seon, the world’s #1 provider of mobile surveillance solutions for school buses. Seon is based on the West coast in Coquitlam, British Columbia, and offers industry-leading levels of customer sales and service support. To explore Seon’s constantly-updated product offerings, please visit their website at for catalogs, training, installation guides, and more.

Seon School Bus Product Catalog

In addition to Seon, Western Bus Sales can provide all other video systems available in the marketplace to meet differing customer needs and for system standardization.

For all your video surveillance system needs, contact Nate Borth at (800) 258-2473 or email him here.